Ends Comments and Registration Ending Comments and Registration Brent Ackerson's 2018 campaign has concluded and he won't have another election for two years. I hate to lose the effort of everyone so I will keep the site up till he makes a decision closer to 2020 about his plans. In the meantime there will likely no longer be … Continue reading Ends Comments and Registration

Louisville Sheriff Deputy Fraternal Order of Police Endorsement

Brent Ackerson is proud of the endorsement of Deputy Sheriff's Lodge No. 25's endorsement for Jefferson County Attorney. These hard worker, brave men and women who protect the courthouse and the community have humbled the campaign with their support.

Volunteers Needed

Our community has just a little over a month before until the election. May 22 2018 Louisville voters will decide between two very different criminal justice visions. Watch the debate video and decide for yourself which candidate you trust with our future. We encourage anyone wanting to help elect Brent Ackerson to volunteer. Your effort … Continue reading Volunteers Needed